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Backing The Next Generation Of Founders Network Unicorns

Our robust proprietary deal flow includes 2,000 member companies and $18B in value creation.
We’ve helped more than 2000 early-stage companies
FN Fund

Fueling the Future of Tech Innovation

Over the next three years, our fund aims to provide crucial capital and support to the top 10% of startups in the Founders Network pipeline.
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Early-Stage: Providing critical funding to tech startups at the pre-seed and seed level. Our check sizes range from $25,000 to $250,000.

Founder Focused: Investing exclusively in members of Founders Network, an invite-only, peer-mentorship community for tech startups.

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Established proprietary deal flow consisting of 2k startups, 200+ funded and $10B Exit Value
For Founders

Don’t Just Pitch:
Join a peer network

We understand that securing startup funding is just one of the many challenges that come with being a startup founder. That's why we offer more than just financial support. When you partner with us, you gain access to a powerful peer network of over 650 tech startup founders backed by a robust online platform, educational programming, and personalized support. Founders Network membership is the first step toward potentially qualifying for funding from FN Fund
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For Investors

Be More Than a Check:
Join the fnInvestor program

At Founders Network, we offer investors the opportunity to shape the next generation of tech startup founders. Whether you're an aspiring angel investor, an experienced venture capitalist, or a family office investor looking to diversify your portfolio, the fnInvestor program offers tailored resources and exclusive networking opportunities to help you achieve your investment goals. Explore co-investment opportunities, fnInvestor deals, and other opportunities to maximize your investment potential.
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