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There are so many things that make being a tech startup founder challenging at every stage. Things only another founder can truly understand. 

That’s why since 2011, Founders Network has curated a generous, authentic, and inclusive community of tech founders and catalyzed millions of “founder helping founder” moments.

*Requesting an invitation to join Founders Network does not guarantee membership, and paid membership in Founders Network does not guarantee that you will be funded by FN Fund.

Request an invitation to join Founders Network by completing the form below. To learn more about Founders Network membership benefits and our approval process, read on!

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Full-time tech startup founder

You are working full-time on building your tech startup. No service firms.

Aligned values

You are humble, authentic, and hungry to grow. You respect others and reciprocate.

Long-term focus

You want to build a support network for this start-up, the next, and in between.

No selling

We are here to learn and grow together. No sales or solicitation by any means.

Annual commitment

If approved, you agree to pay annual membership dues.

Proficient in English

You are a Native English speaker or have a TOEFL score above 80.

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How Founders Network Membership and Fundraising Works:


Invitation-Only Membership

Request an invitation to join Founders Network and you’ll receive a nomination for membership if you qualify. The membership committee reviews applications monthly, and membership fees are processed upon acceptance. Membership in Founders Network does not guarantee funding by FN Fund.

Request an Invitation

Become Fundable

Utilize FN’s Pitch Program, VC office hours and curriculum to prepare for funding. Submit regular reports to the FN Active Fundraiser’s Program investment committee for an opportunity to be green-lit.


Get the Green Light

FN members who qualify for pre-seed or seed investment will be invited to submit a prospectus to the investment committee. Green-lit founders may receive $25-250k from FN Fund.


Pitch fnInvestor and Get Funded!

Present your pitch to interested fnInvestor members via a webinar, and you could receive $250k or more in fnInvestor funding.

Membership in Founders Network does not guarantee funding by FN Fund.


"With over 600 members in the Founders Network community, there’s always someone who can answer your startup questions."
- Adam Cheyer, Co-Founder of Siri
"Founders Network allows entrepreneurs the freedom to contribute and receive support in a very simple way."
- Sonal Puri, CEO of Webscale
"Today, I think more than ever we are absolutely in uncharted territory and peer mentorship is really important."
- Jason Gardner, Founder of Margeta

Why Become a Member of Founders Network?

Investor Access

From bootstrapping to second raises, FN connects you with VC mentorship, and opportunities to be funded through fnInvestor and other VC firms.

Questions Answered

Query our 600+ global members or search 10+ years of highly relevant, highly detailed archived threads. Get answers you can't find on Google.

Founder-To-Founder Support

Events, peer mentorship groups, warn introductions - FN helps you build valuable relationshiops and social capital that lead to sustainable success.

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